How to make Money off an Art Festival

I know this website is all about highlighting the importance of art festivals compared to art shows. If you’ve read many of our articles here, it’s obvious that we’re not really big fans of art shows. We know that a lot of them have become rip offs. We know a lot of them are basically copied and pasted ideas from previous art shows. In fact, a lot of them are just flat out money grabs.

You show up and it’s as if the promoter is dipping his or her hands into your pockets. It would be great if they were just jerking you off, but they’re not. They’re looking for your wallet and they’re trying to grab all your cash. It’s sad, pathetic and bullshit.

And as you probably already tell, we’re very angry at that. So how can we, in good conscience, write an article of how to make money off an art festival.

It really all boils down to collaborative art. For the longest time, when it comes to art, it’s the artist, or more specifically, the art promoter, makes the money. Everybody knows this. But when you go to an art festival, you can make money. In other words, you, the participant, can make money. This gets us excited because this really turns the model on it’s head and it makes it more equitable.

Let’s face it, a lot of art shows are mercenary in nature. It’s all about money. And again, we have no problems with money. In fact, money is a great way to keep score regarding how you exercise your freedom, creativity and your ability to solve problems. The more money you make, the more value you create. That’s usually to goal. That’s usually how it works.

Obviously, if you’re not making that much money, maybe your skills are not that valuable. Maybe you’re doing things wrong. You’re not hitting the right market. We understand how that works, but the problem is the typical art show is all about the promoter. It’s all about the system. At an art festival, you get to create a two way conversation.

So how do you make money off an art festival? Well, let’s just cut through the chase, it’s all about video. When you shoot quality video of your art festival engagement, you can post that stuff on YouTube and make money off the engagements and views.

You can also make money by blogging about your experiences. Eventually, you can become a consultant. This is how you make money off art festivals. I wish I could tell you that it’s some sort of slam dunk, one way ticket to riches, but it isn’t.

Another way you can make money off an art show involves custom crafts. You know, create custom materials and art for a show and sell it online. You might be thinking that this is shallow and won’t amount to much money. Well, that might be true with a lot of the crafts stuff you see online but if you bothered to actually create a brand around your art, you’d be surprised at how much money people would pay you for your distinct brand. Here’s the secret: brand yourself. That’s right, you are the product. Keep this in mind and you’d be surprised how quick and easy it is to bank off sites like Etsy and Craigslist.