How to prepare for an art festival

How exactly do you prepare for an art festival? You probably have seen videos of burning men on YouTube. You probably have seen lots of art installments where people put on all sorts of crazy stuff because they come from all over the place. It may seem really exciting. It might even be anticipating really great things at your next art festival. Let’s get one thing clear, art festivals are only as awesome as your mindset. Unfortunately, if a lot of people show up to an art festival looking to be treated to some sort of show, they’re going to be disappointed.

You have to remember that an art festival is a two way street. It’s not some sort of canned entertainment. It’s not like a DVD that you pop into your DVD player and you sit back, smoke some marijuana and enjoy the show. It’s not a concert where you take your girlfriend and you watch the musicians play their instrument and the singer sings his heart out while your woman is giving you a blowjob on the far seat.

It’s not like that. It’s not a one way conversation. Basically, the music is out there and you just open your ears to enjoy it. An art festival involves a two way interaction. You listen and participate and you move to the music and you create stuff with your actions. This is like burning man, but on steroids without the controls. That’s what’s so awesome about it.

Just how does this two way conversation take place? Well, it boils down to a call and response interaction between the crowd and the talent. The more appreciative you are, the more pumped up the performer is and the better their performance. This then excites the crowd further and the upward cycle of inspiration and energy keeps going. The same applies to artists. You’ll be surprised how far your simple words of encouragement can go when an artist is feeling down, defeated, depressed, or even questioning why he or she is an artist in the first place. You’d be surprised just how comforting your words can be. Don’t underestimate your power of appreciation. Use it often.

How do you prepare properly for an art festival? Bring an open mind. Bring your creative spirit. Bring your rebellious spirit. I’m not saying that you should rebel so badly that you’re just basically going to go crazy and cause anarchy. Don’t go that far. It’s one thing to rebel, it’s another to break the law and find yourself on the receiving end of some unwanted butt sex in prison. That’s a pain in the ass. You don’t want that.

Do yourself a big favor. Prepare for an art festival by preparing your attitude. It really all boils down to that. It’s a mindset. Prepare for a two way art interaction, not just you sitting back and consuming the art passively. Get ready to participate. Get ready to contribute. Be as positive as you can be and you’d be surprised how well things will turn out.