How the right ejuice formulation can boost your personal focus?

How the right ejuice formulation can boost your personal focus?

Let me tell you, if you want to achieve any kind of success in life, you have to know how to focus. A lot of people think that you just have to go to the right school or you have to follow the right plan and things will fall into place. Well, please understand that while a large chunk of success involves goal setting the ability to set goals and follow them through is just one part of the equation. You also have to make sure that you work efficiently and this is where personal focus comes in. Please understand that even if you are the best planner in the world, if you are very unfocused, undisciplined, and scatter-brained individual, it probably will take you much longer time to get to where you want to go assuming you get there in the first place. It doesn’t really matter how tenacious you are; it doesn’t matter how much you stick to a plan of action; it doesn’t matter how much grit you have; things will just take far longer than they would otherwise. The secret here is really no secret at all, it’s all about focus.

You probably have heard of old terms like “Sticking your nose to the grindstone or Leaning in to the grindstone.” These are all around about ways of describing focus. After all, where your focus goes energy flows and also, when you focus on something it gets bigger. So, if you focus on how you can make things happen in your life, your ability to get things going and achieve your purpose get stronger. However, if you focus on how impossible things are or you are focus on how unfair your life is, then don’t be surprised if your difficulties multiply. It really all boils down to what you choose to focus on.

This is why you really have to guard your personal focus. This is kind of like the secret ingredient of your life and you cannot be negligent or sloppy in how you handle it. This is why I believe that you should use all sorts of props that enable you to feel engaged with your personal focus. For example, you can wear clothing that directs focus; you can read clothes that remind you of the power of personal focus; you can hang around people that trigger in you a higher level of focus. Whatever the case maybe and whatever form they may took, don’t hesitate to use external stimuli to jumpstart, enhance, and target your personal focus. Because the more focus you have at your disposal, the more power you can devote to your goals and the sooner they can materialize.

E-juice is part of this equation. Now, you may be thinking to yourself that vape juice or ejuice is a diversion. Might even be the under the impression of this a destruction kind of like alcohol or marijuana, but it isn’t. Because the best ejuice flavor when properly consumed in the proper setting, trains nicotine to work with your focus instead of against it. This sounds crazy but have you ever noticed that a lot of workaholics smoke? Because it’s not because that nicotine makes them work harder, even nicotine gives them a sense of focus. It gives them some sort of parameter to train their personal focus on. In a way, it’s kind of a crutch. Now, you know and I know that e-juice does not have to contain nicotine but it can still be used like a great crutch. It can still be used to lay the foundation to where your personal focus can go so you can direct that focus to achieve your intended results.

You see how this works? In my mind it doesn’t really matter whether a cat is black or white – it really doesn’t. What matters is whether the cat catches mice. Similarly, it doesn’t matter whether you are using e-juice or using a “legit” or traditional way to maximize your focus. What matters is that you’re using something that really triggers that avalanche or personal focus in you, so you can get stuff done sooner rather than later. It also enables you to get the focus you need to do the job at the highest-level of quality possible. These are the kinds of activities that would really take your life to the next level as far as your capability for personal success is concerned.